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Italserrande is a company specialized in production of roller shutters, folding doors, and various types of garage doors. Founded in Prato, Italy, 30 years ago, the company has expanded over time, becoming well-known in the Italian market for both its products and its excellent reputation among customers.

The enthusiasm of the company's owners, who are personally involved in all aspects of production even today, along with continuous investments in new technologies and modern information systems, enable the company to consistently improve the quality of its products while maintaining its personal touch and attention to detail.

Customer satisfaction and a strong focus on their needs are the driving forces behind our company, and our main goal. By opening a second production unit in Zagreb in 1998, we confirmed our readiness for growth and expansion into new markets.


Open the Doors to New Possibilities with Italserrande:

Quality that accompanies modernization and new technologies in the field of roller, garage, and industrial doors!

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Basic Company Information:

  • Name: ITALSERRANDE rolovrata proizvodnja d.o.o
  • Headquarters: Industrijska cesta 30, 10360 Sesvete
  • Registered with the Commercial Court in Zagreb under number 06/8471-4.
  • MB: 2118076
  • OIB: 12974080059
  • IBAN: HR9623600001101914083
  • BASIC CAPITAL: 2.654,46 € and it consists of one basic share

Italserrande, founded 50 years ago in Prato, Italy, specializes in the production of various types of garage doors and has gained recognition and a good reputation in the Italian market. With the enthusiasm of the owners and continuous investments in technology, the company maintains a high product quality and successfully meets customer needs. Additionally, by opening a second production unit in Zagreb in 1998, Italserrande confirmed its readiness for growth and expansion into new markets.

Experience the high quality and attention to detail that Italserrande has been providing for 50 years.

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